In the growing cycle, your garden will show you if it is thriving or in need of maintenance. Reviewing the leaves, their growth, and the fruit of your plants help indicate if your plants are healthy or unhealthy.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy

  • Healthy plants will have vibrant and green leaves. They will be growing a little more every week and will be producing fruit. The shapes and colors of the fruit will be uniform. This means your plants are doing great, and continue to water regularly and stay with the current gardening routine you have implemented.
  • Unhealthy plants will show the opposite of healthy plants. If leaves are crisp and yellow on the edges, it may indicate that it needs more water. If plants have discolored leaves with holes, mildew, or blisters, it can be infected with a fungus or pest. Use a broad spectrum protection spray to defend against plant disease and pests. Fruits of plants may be misshapen and not in uniform. This may indicate disease in the plant or more frequent watering is necessary.

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Remember that disease and pests are commonly found in gardens, so do not be discouraged! The goal of garden maintenance is to learn to control pests and disease while you can, and enjoy the journey of gardening!

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