All good things must come to an end. A large part of gardening is preparing for the upcoming season, and preparing your garden for new plants.These seeds are annual plants, which means they will die after they have grown 3-4 months or after they stop producing.

Prepare for next season!

To prepare for the upcoming growing season, begin to pull weeds and tend to your soil.

  • Once your plants stop producing or become diseased, pull them from the ground and discard them. Begin removing plants by pulling at the base to ensure all roots are lifted out of the soil.
  • Pull and discard any weeds found in your garden, and remove unwanted debris.
  • Add fertilizer and compost to your soil to replenish the nutrient rich soil.


  • Tilling is the process of moving and rotating your garden soil to help your plants grow and break up compacted dirt. Throughout the season, watering and gardening maintenance can compact the soil to be solid, not allowing future plants to grow strong roots.
  • To till your garden, simply dig 12 inch wide trenches down the length of your garden. The size of your garden will determine how many rows of trenches you will need to create. Once one trench is dug, begin digging the second trench and use the first to fill the first trench.
  • The goal of tilling is to loosen the first and rotate the soil so it does not stay in one place. We recommend a shovel and a rake for best results.

Helpful Resources


Get a jumpstart on next season's garden will healthy soil.


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  • When you plants are done producing you can toss them in a compost bin and use them as soil for next season.