XL Garden

Click HERE to view our quick-start Zine. Below you'll find details that relate specifically to the XL box. 

The XL garden box is perfect for those with lots of space! We send a multitude of different fun varieties of plants and in varying quantities. The selections were developed to grow well each season, as well as fit in a similar amount of space.  There are 60 plants total that are sent in the boxes! Talk about having a real life grocery store in your back yard! The space needed for the this box is the size of a king bed or larger.


When it comes to setting up your garden space, make sure you choose a location that gets lots of sun and try your best to leave anywhere from ½ to ⅓ of the garden space empty for the next box since there is a slight overlap. This will allow for you keep the plants that are still growing/you are continuing to harvest from in their place and still have space for the new plants.

The leafy greens being sent in your box like the red loose leaf and the kale, those can be harvested through the year if harvested from the outside in leaving the growing point in the middle intact.

The lettuce head will most likely be a one and done harvest. When you harvest your lettuce head, cut the least amount of the stem as possible (cut as close to the base of the lettuce head) to allow for the possibility for it to grow another head. If you see it isn't going to grow another one, you can pull it out. 

The squash and cucumber are very susceptible to pests like cucumber beetles and squash bugs. Larger pests like birds, squirrels and rabbits will jump at the opportunity to take a bite of your veggies so I would highly recommend putting up some netting! 

For the squash, the more you harvest when they are young, the more it’ll produce and continue to produce! The size to harvest the squash is when they are about 4-7 inches long and the flower is still attached. This is also the case for the zucchini you have in the box! 

The cucumber on the other hand will produce its first harvest but is unlikely to grow more by the next season so that may be one of the plants that get pulled out come summer time. To get the cucumber to harvest more, harvest when they are 5-7 inches long as well. 

The sweet pepper will take about 2 months to grow and will be ready to harvest when it is 3.5-4 inches in length! The sweet pepper will produce more than one pepper at a time but once they’ve been harvested it’ll take a while before more start to produce. It’ll be up to you to keep it in your garden come the summer season or if you would rather like to pull it out to make room for what’s next.

The scallop squash should be harvested when they are 4-5 inches wide and can get huge if you let them! Harvesting when they are this small gives the most flavor and also makes it more likely that they'll continue to produce! 

The cauliflower will take a bit longer to grow than the others. When it comes to harvesting cauliflower: you want the bulbs to be intact and tightly packed together. The plantlings we send are non-gmo so they aren't going to get as big as the ones you see in the store. So, you may be thinking that your cauliflower still needs to grow bigger but that may not be the case. As soon as you see the bulbs begin to separate, harvest! If you wait too long, the cauliflower will begin to bolt and no longer be edible.

The hot pepper will continue to produce as long as you give it water and plant food! Harvest the peppers by simply pulling them off the stem when they are about 3inches long. The shorter they are when you harvest, the spicier they are! If you wait too long to harvest they'll become wrinkly from the sun.  


You can download / print our layout guide if you need help laying out your plants!