XL Garden

Click HERE to view our quick-start Zine. Below you'll find details that relate specifically to the XL box. 

The XL garden box is perfect for those with lots of space! We send a multitude of different fun varieties of plants and in varying quantities. The selections were developed to grow well each season, as well as fit in a similar amount of space.  There are 60 plants total that are sent in the boxes! Talk about having a real life grocery store in your back yard! The space needed for the this box is the size of a king bed or larger. 

The XL box is fun because we send special varieties only available to that box since there is more space for you to plant them. 

The broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and tomatoes are the larger variety plants that we are sending and also the plants that will take a bit longer to grow. The cabbage and lettuce varieties we're sending will grow quickly and be harvested quickly (about a month) so you can plant these quick growing plants next to the plants that will take longer if you're low on space. You would just have to be ok with pulling out the smaller plants once the larger ones start maturing and need that extra space to grow. 

We send multiple of the same variety in the XL box and they'll all look so beautiful together once they start to all grow! 

Make sure you space each appropriately: Think of it as a first class flight vs business. Giving them the right amount of space (we tell you how much on the guide) will allow them to grow to their fullest potential, growing the roots and being able to grow their leaves and stems out much like humans can stretch their legs on a first class flight. If you give them a little less space, they'll still grow! But not as big as they can resulting in a slightly smaller harvest.