Click HERE to view our quick-start Zine. Below you'll find details that relate specifically to your 30 plant veggie garden. 

The mixed greens, onions, lettuce and spinach and going to grow quicker than the tomatoes and broccoli so if you're running low on space plant those close to each other. This is because, by the time the mixed greens, onions, lettuce and spinach are done growing and harvested, it'll be time for the broccoli and tomatoes to need their proper space to grow! So you can pull out the faster growing plants from around them and allow for the slower growing plants to keep growing! This hack will allow for you to keep more space in your garden box. We do recommend  to keep 1/2 or 1/3 of your garden space vacant to allow for you to have space available for the upcoming spring! 

The bunching onions and mixed greens would do great in a window sill pot to have close to the kitchen to use when needed for a quick salad or to add to your favorite salsa!

Here is the spacing we recommend for the garden box! The box contains veggies that will grow to be small, medium and large! Small will require 4-12 inches between each plant when planting so they have all that room to grow, medium would need 12-24 inches and large would need at least 24 inches! 

It may seem like a lot of space between the plants now because of how small they are, but they will need all that space as they begin to grow. 

If you do choose to plant in pots, you can plant the medium plants in their own medium pot to have for themselves or an extra large pot where they can have 12-24 inches of space between them. A large variety should have their own large pot to themselves to grow. And for the small varieties, they can have their own small pot to themselves or you can double up in a larger pot, as long as there is the 4-12 inches between them!