Fall Fun-- DIY Scarecrow

Your fall box is here and ready to start thriving! With thriving gardens come pests of all sizes to enjoy your goodies. During the Fall/Winter many night owl predators like birds, raccoons, mice and deer can catch wind of your garden and take a little bite for themselves. While it’s great for them it may not end up being quite the bountiful harvest for yourself. 

Since we can’t stand guard all night and day, a good idea to keep these thieves away is a scarecrow. Since 2,500 B.C. scarecrows have been used to keep animals away from crops so why can’t you? You most likely have all the materials you need right at home, plus it’s right on theme with Fall. 

What you’ll need is this: 

A shirt and pair of pants of your choice 

A old pillowcase or scrap fabric (anything you can use to make a face out of) 

Plastic shopping bags or newspapers 

Safety pins 

Some string or thin rope

A permanent marker

  1. Tie off the ends of the pants and shirt to make sure the scarecrows insides made of recycled bags or newspaper don't come out. You can do this with rope or by tieing it off in a knot.
  2. Use the safety pins to attach the bottom of the shirt to the pants to give it some structure, you wouldn’t want your scarecrow hunched over sleeping on the job. 
  3. Stuff the pillowcase or scrap fabric into the shape of a face and use a permanent marker to make some facial features. This is where you can get creative! Make it a smiling scarecrow or a scary one that no pests want to mess with. Finish the face off by tucking it’s neck into the shirt opening and securing it with some more safety pins. 
  4. That’s it! You’re pretty much done! Add any accessories you would like, an old straw hat, some straw or raffia to make hair. You can also add two  scrap pieces of wood in the shape of a “T” to give it more defined arm features. 

Once finished place your new friend anywhere around your garden. Another helpful tip is adding pieces of scrap fabric onto the scarecrow to blow in the wind that way there’s something constantly moving. Any movement will scare those little critters away.

This is a little fun activity to do as a family this fall and in the end you’ll have a cute decoration to have guarding your goodies all this season and the ones following. Happy Harvest!