Root Seed Thank You Kits


We really appreciate the opportunity to speak to you and learn about your experience with gardening and Leaf'd Box. We're always working hard to make gardening fun and accessible to everyone, so by hearing what's working and what we can improve on, it helps us serve you better! So thank you so, so much for your feedback, and if you'd like to share more with us (or haven't yet gotten a chance to share with us), please let us know by shooting us an email at 

As a small token of our appreciation for your time, we've put together a root seed kit to complement the fall boxes that are shipping out. We've got a handful of really fun varieties that we think you'll really enjoy! We're sending you:


  • Rainbow Carrots- This is a beautiful colored carrot mix variety that will give you bunches of beautifully colored carrots- Red, yellow, purple, white, and more!!! They're ready to start picking around 70-80 days after you plant them. We sent you 3 grams of this, which is around 1200 seeds-- that's a lot of carrots! It's best to plant these 1" apart. 
  • Parisian Carrots- Carrots normally take quite a long time to grow (several months), but these cute carrot mini's come up fast! They're short, bright orange, and truly adorable. We sent these to you so you can start enjoying several weeks before your rainbow carrots are ready to start harvesting-- around 58 days after planting. We sent you 3 grams of this as well, around 1200 seeds. It's best to plant these 1" apart. 
  • Kaleidoscope Beets- These beets are a mix of five colors and are easy to grow, flavorful, and a really fun addition! They're ready to pick around 50-60 days after planting. We sent you five grams of this, around 500 seeds. It's best to plant these around 3-4" apart. 
  • Crayon Colors Radish- A beautiful mix of red, yellow, purple, and white radishes that will add a splash of color and zing to any dish. Radish seeds are amazing because they sprout and grow really fast. You can be picking radishes about a month after you plant them which is incredible, compared to most other veggies that take at least 2-3 times as long! We sent you 5 grams of this which is about 500 seeds. It's best to plant these around 2-3" apart. 

When to plant:

These types prefer cooler weather, so planting now (September-October) or early spring (February-April) is great! We recommend you plant them with your fall box that's shipping starting next week. 

How to plant:

The goal when planting root veggies is to get the seed buried around 1/2" - 1" deep in dirt, while making sure they're properly spaced. 

How do you know how to properly space them? Well, you need to keep the end in mind. For example, imagine you were to go out to an open field to plant acorn seeds to make oak tree park. The acorn seed isn't that much bigger than a marble, but you'd want to think about what that seed will grow. Oak trees are huge and can grow over 80 feet wide! So when you're planting your acorns, you'd want to plant them so they have enough space to grow into the beautiful trees they'll become (so plant really far apart!). When figuring out the distancing, you're thinking about the tree (the end), not the seed (what you have now).

It's a similar idea with your root veggie seeds. The seeds are really small, but they'll grow into carrots, beets, and radishes. When, they're picked, carrots are around 1" wide, radishes are around 2-3" wide, and beets are around 3-4" wide. So a good rule of thumb is to poke holes in a grid pattern those distances apart. You should poke the holes around 1/2" - 1" deep, put in one to three seeds in each hole, then cover in soil. That's all there is to it!

Depending on how much space you have, you can plant them further apart or closer together. The more space you leave in between them, the larger your roots will grow. If you're planting now, we'd recommend using all available space after you've planted your fall box. And don't feel you have to use all the seed. Seed stores really well! It's better to plant the right distances than to make sure to use the whole seed packet. 

What's after that? 

Great question? The main thing is water. The soil needs to be continuously moist-- not too dry, not too wet. If you have a hard time sorting out how much to water, HERE is a super easy meter to help you know if you're watering the right amount. Keep watering, especially for the first two weeks when the seeds are germinating. Not watering would be like forgetting to give milk to a newborn baby for a day-- not a good thing! Once you see the baby plants coming through the soil and they're around an inch tall (similar to the size of your plantlings that you receive in your Leaf'd Box), you can move to the way you normally water the plants from your Leaf'd Box. 

Why don't we receive these types as plantlings in our Leaf'd Box?

Root vegetables can really only be grown from seed. Why? Because if we sent you a root veggie planting, it would be a bit disappointing. You'd only be able to harvest one root! Compare this to the other types we send where you can harvest a whole lot more off of one plant. For example, if we sent you a carrot plantling and a tomato plantling, you'd only harvest one carrot which is rather sad. But with the tomato, you could harvest loads and loads of fruit! Because of this, it's always best to grow root vegetables from seed.

Will you be offering root veggie seeds in the future? 

Yes, we're planning on adding these types as an option in the future, so stay tuned!

Thank you!!!

Thanks again for your help and feedback! We really do want to serve you amazingly well, so thanks for helping us learn about how we can do that better. And as always, please reach out if you have any questions that we can help with or recommendations on how we can improve. Keep up the great growing!