Protecting Your Plants on a Cold Night

As fall and winter comes, you might be living in an area that can get pretty chilly at night. If you can't go outside without feeling like your limbs and fingers can snap off from the cold, chances are, your plants feel that way too!

If you're living in Southern California, this might not be too much of an issue as seasons don't fully exist but if your garden may benefit from this tip if you live in Northern or Central California. 

A light frost is predicted if the temperature for the night is said to hit 32°F (0°C) and this can be an issue but has a simple solution. A hard freeze is predicted if temperatures in the area are to reach 28 to 25° F (-4 to -2°C) and this can cause major destruction to your garden if no barrier is put in place.

Use any old sheet or light blanket to put over your garden to protect it from the cold temperatures and frost, hold it down with rocks or pieces of wood. You can even add a layer of plastic over the blanket for extra insulation but the plastic alone can cause some damage. If you do use this method to protect your little ones make sure to take it off in the morning so they get their sunshine. It is very important you take it off the morning after because if left on for the next cold night it can cause your plants to freeze over with all the condensation under the cover. An added measure for nights predicted of a hard freeze is to add a just of warm water under the barrier to add warmth to the insulation! 

If your plants are small enough, individual barriers can be made by cutting the bottoms of bottles or jugs to slip over the top of your plants to protect them from the frost. And if a colder night is expected, add the cloth layer on top of that for added protection!

Once removed the next morning when the sun is up, make sure to keep it off the floor so no pests can ruin or get a free ride into the garden for a late night feast!

Happy gardening!