Spring Box - 2021

The Spring Box was developed with cold tolerant varieties that love cooler temperatures. Want to see a complete planting guide?
Click HERE to view our zine.
Here's a list of the plants in the Spring box.  

The Early Spring Box was developed with cold tolerant varieties that love cooler temperatures. Want to see a complete planting guide? Click HERE to view our zine. 

Here's a list of the plants in the Spring box. On the right of the colons is the type of plant and on the right of the colon is the variety! We wish we can put it on the tag but it'll take up too much space! 

  Basil: Emerald Towers 

The emerald towers verity of basil is like the typical basil you see at the store. It has thick green leaves that look like plastic because they are so shiny! The plant will grow upwards and we recommend not harvesting from it at all until they get to be 3x the size you got it! When you do harvest, don't harvest more than 3/4th of the plant at a time as this could cause the plant to go into shock. And as always, pick from the outsides in bottom up leaving the growing point intact. 


Basil: Tri-Basil


Growing and harvesting is the same as Emerald Towers. We are so excited to send over this basil because of how beautiful it is! It'll be like having a house plant if you do choose to plant it inside by a sunny window. It'll grow gorgeous green and purple leaves that'll make your pasta or anything else you add this to look like it came out of a 5-star kitchen.

Bunching Onion 

This may be my personal favorite veggie we're sending in the box. I love these grilled up and added to tacos SO GOOD. Once they are planted and begin to grow to be about 4-5 inches in height, it's a good idea to thin them out so they have about 1 inch of space between each sprout so you can big bulbs come harvest time (check out our blog about thinning here). They will be ready to harvest when plants reach 6-8" tall, while the stalks are still white at the bottom and fairly thin.


Dill: Dill

Dill is a fun and easy herb to grow. It will grow upwards if you leave it unattended and unharvested. To avoid this, harvest often or trim the bolting growth that grows upward!  Don't harvest more than 3/4th of the plant at a time to avoid the plant going into shock! If you see that it's growing like crazy and you don't know what to do with all of it, you can harvest and dry it out! We have a blog on how to do that. Check it out HERE 

Cilantro: Titan 

We heard your feedback and added a herb to the Veggie and XL boxes! We added cilantro because there's other veggies in that boxes that would make a great salsa! Don't harvest more than 3/4th of the plant at a time to avoid the plant going into shock! The cilantro grows upwards and can get tall if left unharvested! If you see that it's growing like crazy and you don't know what to do with all of it, you can harvest and dry it out! We have a blog on how to do that. Check it out HERE   



Cauliflower will be in the XL box only! Cauliflower and broccoli and very very similar. They need lots of water to grow well and can handle cooler weather. They still do need partial sun, just like any plant does. Harvesting cauliflower can be tricky, just like it can be for the broccoli. The cauliflower will grow to its largest size and be ready to harvest but be smaller than the cauliflower you usually grow at the grocery store. The main things to look for when harvesting is compact bulbs as soon as you see separation in the bulbs it's time to harvest, no matter what size the cauliflower head is! The smaller size can be caused by many different things: not enough water, not enough sun, pests stunting it's growth, it wasn't hardened properly, the weather being too cold at night and so on! Just keep an eye at the bulbs and make sure to harvest as soon as you see the separation come. 

Round Tomato: Homeslice


We are sending 2 different verities of tomatoes in the Small Veggie and Veggie box! The homeslice variety are the bigger rounder tomatoes you are used to seeing at the grocery store. Tomatoes need sun for at least half the day and watering daily! Overwatering in tomatoes can cause your tomatoes to split. If you see splitting in your tomatoes, water a little less. Since these are bigger tomatoes, they weigh more so it is very important to trellis this tomato plant to avoid bending of the stem! 

Lettuce Head: Andromeda

This lettuce head is going to give you the crunchies leafy greens ever! They have curled edges and grow in layers with the growing point in the center. Make sure this plant gets a good amount of sun to avoid bolting! Bolting in lettuce heads occurs when they aren't getting enough sun and begin to grow upwards in search for the sun. You can harvest from the outside in, leaving at least half of the plant untouched to avoid shock and leaving the center untouched to allow for continuous growth.  

Lettuce: Red Salad Bowl 

We sent this lettuce in the fall/winter box and some customers are still harvesting from it today! It'll grow outwards, sort of like a bush rather than growing upwards like your usual green lettuce. Same thing, ample sun, harvest from the outside in, always check for caterpillars and if you see that it starts to bolt prematurely you can stop the bolting by literally cutting the long stem growing upwards! 

Kale: Red Russian


A fan favorite! Our kale isn't like the usual kale you see at the store. It's a purple variety that grows upwards and outwards so make sure it has a good amount of space to grow. If you leave the kale unharvested it can get HUGE, to avoid this, harvest regularly even if you don't plan to eat it right that second! harvest from the outside in (sorry I sound like a broken record). You can harvest when the kale is young and have yourself some baby kale but always leave at least half untouched to avoid shock and leave the growing point in the middle untouched. Aphids love the kale and can camouflage well in the creases so keep an eye out!  


Cucumber: Patio Snacker


SO excited to send over some cucumbers! That's when you know it's spring time. This variety of cucumber will grow to be veiny and bigger than the other plants so do make sure you give it enough room! They will need full sun and has evenly moist soil- they can also be grown in 5 gallon pots! When you see the yellow flowers, know that a cucumber is coming soon from there! Make sure they get a ton of water since cucumbers are made mostly of water. Although cucumbers can get HUGE if you let them cucumbers are tastiest when harvested young before their seeds are fully developed. They will be ready for harvest when about 6 to 8 in. in length. To harvest, cut off the vine and leave 1-2 inches of the vine still attached to the cucumber. 


Sweet Pepper: Candy Cane Red 

It's pepper time! Peppers is something I was constantly buying at the grocery store, and still do in the fall/winter since it isn't season for it at home in California. Peppers, of all kind, are a spring and summer variety. This pepper in particular is going to look GORGEOUS and is so cool to watch grow. As it matures, it'll take on a candy cane print of red and green. It'll be ready to harvest after about 2 months and when the pepper is 3.5-4 inches long.  


Squash (scallop): Sol/Lemon Sun


This is going to be the cutest thing you have growing in your garden, I almost guarantee it! The plant will grow to be like a bush rather than upwards like your tomatoes. They will need full sun and harvest when they are 4-5 inches wide. 

Yellow Zucchini: Easy Pick Gold ll


The yellow zucc is going to be so fun to have in your garden! If you ordered a Veggie or XL Veggie box you'll get this. You'll want them to have full sun and plenty of water. Make sure to water when they are still young to get the best flavor, the older they get and the bigger they get the less tasty they are and the weirder their texture gets. Harvest from a very small size with a flower attached. They will be anywhere from 4-5 inches long when they are ready to harvest, a test you can do it sticking your fingernail in it. If you are able to puncture the skin it's ready! 

Green Zucchini: Temedor

The growing and harvesting process for the yellow and green zucchini is pretty much the same!  If you ordered a Veggie or XL Veggie box you'll get this. Not only do you get the zucc, but you can also harvest the male flowers to eat! Harvest the zucchini when the flower is still attached and they are anywhere from 5-7 inches long! A test you can do it sticking your fingernail in it. If you are able to puncture the skin it's ready! 


Tomato: Gigante Rojo


Translation: Big Red!! and we aren't kidding! If you ordered the XL box you'll be getting this beauty. the tomatoes can and will get HUGE so make sure you have a trellis for this. You will know that you are overwatering if they begin to split. Instead of guessing when to harvest, mark your calander for  2 and a half after planting (3 months at most!), that is when they should be ready to harvest. 

Mint: Spearmint  


Mint and oregano look very similar so plant them separately so you don't get them mixed up! The smells and taste are different so you can always differentiate them that way. Harvest the mint as needed but the longer you leave them the more flavorful and larger the leaves get! When harvested, pull from the outside in.  


Parsley: Triple Curled  

You can harvest your parsley as it grows, as long as you harvest from the outside in and do not harvest more than 1/3 at a time! 

Sweet Pepper: Cal Super PS


This sweet pepper will be in the XL box only! The plant itself will get to be about 2 feet tall and give big fruit! Peppers love the sun, so make sure they are planted in a sunny area. The plants will be ready to harvest after about 2 and a half months or when the veggie is 4inches long x 3 inches wide! 

Hot Pepper: Capitan

This is another pepper that'll only be available in the XL box, since they have  more space, we are able to send them more plants! The hot pepper will look like a jalapeño. With this box, you have all the fixings for an amazing salsa! The peppers will be ready to harvest when they get to be about 3 inches long!  

Cherry Tomato: Tumbler 

Although you may see tomatoes for transplant on sale year round at your local gardening store, they are a spring and summer variety. They love warmer weather and even California winters are too cold for them! They may grow, but they'll stay small and grow only a few tomatoes, causing you to think it's your fault. 

This cherry tomato variety that we are sending will need to be planted in an area that gets a good amount of sun. Purchasing or DIYing a trellis is a important step to growing tomatoes. A trellis won't be needed until little tomatoes start to grow and weigh the plant down. If the stem starts to bend, it'll slow (or even stop) the flow of water and other nutrients so as soon as you see some growth in your plant, add the trellis in. The sooner the better!

We choose verities that stay relatively small so they don't take up a ton of garden space. So you may think "my tomato plant isn't growing!" but it is! It just won't get humongous. 

Since tomatoes are made up of mostly water, it's important to keep your plant watered twice a day if possible in the beginning! We love sending cherry tomatoes because they're a great snack to pick off and eat while you garden. 


Have Fun! 

These varieties love the sunshine which is why they are perfect for the spring! They are also SO fun to grow and things that you often buy at the grocery store. 

Please note that not all of these plants will be in your box. For example, some of the plants listed here can be in the Veggie and Veggie XL box but not in the Small Veggie box. Since the Small Veggie box is limited to 10 plants, we do one of as many as we can! 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out! We will be setting up 2 separate garden spaces and have the varieties also growing at the trial grounds at the same time as you guys so we will have photos and videos going out on our monthly emails and social media to give you guys an update on what to look out for! We will be doing more updates on our Instagram, so I recommend you give us a follow! @leafedbox