Let's Get Started

Getting Started 

Welcome to the garden community! Congratulations on taking the leap, there are many hurdle to jump when making the decision to start a garden!

We understand that there is a lot to consider when starting a garden. Which is why we strive to make it easy for beginners! 

Want to get started right away, but aren't sure what steps to take? Watch this short video to jumpstart your gardening journey!


We do the research so you don't have to! 

  • Every veggie has a season that it grows best in. For example, tomatoes like warm weather and broccoli grows best in colder weather! This is one of the main reasons gardening can become frustrating for beginners. We can be so excited to grow our cooking essentials, try to grow them and if it's not the season they may not perform well. We mistake it as being our fault when it's not at all! 

We make sure to send specific veggie varieties that do well in that season. As you get your boxes, you'll start to see the pattern and your knowledge of what to grow and when will flourish. 

Always here to help.. literally ALWAYS 

  • No question is a dumb question. You may be feeling lost and confused as to why your plant is taking a long time to grow, or why your plant didn't make it, etc. There are SO many different factors that go into your gardens success. Many of them, being out of your control.  

What's so special about Leaf'd Box?

  • We keep you updated on what to look for throughout the season. Following us on social media and being subscribed to our email list (don't worry we only send 2 emails a month with updates!) will keep you up to date on the garden journey and answer any questions you may have. We also give you tips and tricks along the way for you to use as you get more and more into gardening!


You Got Your Box! 

Here is what you CAN do to avoid any misfortunes:

  • Take your plants out of your box and give them some water ASAP! We send you an email when your box ships, from there it'll take 1-2 days AT MOST to arrive. Worried you won't be home? Email us, give us a day you know you'll be home and we'll send the box to coincide with that time. 

Hardening 101 

Hardening allows for your plants to acclimate to it's new home. It's been in a dark box for the last 2 days and seeds sunshine and water!

Here's what to do: 

  • Find a sunny spot in your yard where your plants won't get disturbed
  • Set your new plants upright in the tray 
  • Add 1/8-1/4" of water to the bottom of the tray so they can drink up
  • Leave them be for no longer than a full day


  • From there, transplant your plant babies with the designated space needed (don't worry, we let you know how much space is needed) as soon as possible! Water them regularly, check for pests, make sure they're in an area that gets sun for at least half the day and let them do the rest.


  • It's so important to water your plants daily. When they're this small, watering twice a day would be beneficial. The veggies that come from your plants rely on water and their size is dependent on how much water they receive! The more water, the more harvest!

Here  is a link to a water meter that can tell you when there is enough or not enough water in the soil your plant lives in! 


  • Look for a place that has sun for at least half the day. If you wanted to get a tan in your garden, where would you sit? That’s probably the best spot for your plants to get some sun. If you already have an area and don't want to move it, that's OK. Just be sure that your plants will get sun at least half the day (the more the better).


  • Soil is a plant's food (apart from CO2, but that's getting more complicated than we need to!). The better the soil, the happier your plants will be. Generally the darker and softer the dirt is, the better. Adding in some fertilizer every time you plant helps make sure your plants will be well fed! CLICK HERE to see some products we recommend. You can also always add some bags of high quality soil from your local gardening store too. 



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