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Welcome to the garden community!  Leaf'd Box was created to provide you with all the information you need to have the Easiest Garden Ever experience. Want to get started right away, but aren't sure what steps to take? Watch this short video to jumpstart your gardening journey!


Once your order is delivered to your door, open your box and water your plants immediately. You can do this by sitting your plantlings upright and pouring 1/4" of water into their plastic tray. Place the plastic tray in the sun to prepare your plantlings for your garden.


Hardening allows for your plants to acclimate to your environment.
Here's what to do:

  • Find a sunny spot in your yard where your plants won't get disturbed
  • Set your new plants upright in the tray
  • Add 1/4" of water to the bottom of the tray 
  • Leave them to harden for 1-3 days, always with 1/4" of water in the tray

From there, transplant your plants to your garden.  Water them regularly, check for pests, make sure they're in an area that gets sun for at least half the day and let them do the rest.


It's so important to water your plants daily. When they're this small, watering twice a day would be beneficial. When your plants reach maturity, you can reduce your watering schedule to fit your climate. On average, your garden will need 1" of water per week. 

A water meter that can tell you when there is enough or not enough water in the soil your plant lives in!

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When you are finding the spot to build your garden, look for a place that has sun for at least half the day. We also recommend placing your garden somewhere that is close to a water source to make watering as convenient as possible.


Soil is a plant's food (apart from CO2, but that's getting more complicated than we need to!). The better the soil, the happier your plants will be. We recommend starting with a nutrient rich soil you can purchase at your local nursery.  You will want to grow in loamy soil (not too sandy, not too hard) for the plants to thrive. Place fertilizer and compost into your garden at the beginning of each growing season for an extra boost.

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Every veggie has a season that it grows best in.  We make sure to send specific veggie varieties that do well in your area and for the time of year. As you get your boxes, you'll start to see the pattern and your knowledge of what to grow and when will flourish. 

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No question is a dumb question. You may be feeling lost and confused as to why your plant is taking a long time to grow, or why your plant didn't make it, etc. There are many different factors that go into your gardens success. Email us anytime for gardening support questions and we are happy to help!

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